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Doctor Ajakwe and Tatevossian have the BEST patients!


Delquan’s chronic pain not only affected his ability to work and sleep – it was also impacting his relationship with his family.

The 42-year-old had tried of a variety of treatments to relieve the unrelenting pain in his upper left arm, including cervical spine surgery, but none were successful.

Then Dr. Raymond Tatevossian recommended an HF10 trial, which led to a permanent implant in July of 2017.

Delquan reports 90% less pain, and that not only has his overall quality of life improved but he’s now regained hope for a productive life and good times with his family.

Results may vary. Read important safety & risk information here.

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For months my left knee had been bothering me in 2015. I had severe swelling and fluid buildup. It was excruciatingly painful. When I would go hiking, jogging, or play soccer my knee would hurt to a point where I had to discontinue those activities. So I talked to Dr. Reginald Ajakwe regarding my knee problem a few weeks before my wedding day, which was May 8, 2015. Dr. Ajakwe was kind enough to listen. While he was examining my knee he wanted me to enjoy my big day without pain. There was fluid buildup and he drained 15cc! Dr. Ajakwe then gave me a cortisone injection. It was like magic! My knee felt great! I was able to enjoy my wedding and danced pain free. I have been pain free since that day. I go hiking, jogging, and play soccer without pain issues. I highly recommend Dr. Ajakwe to anyone who experiences any kind of pain issue. He is friendly and personable. I must add that his professionalism is second to none.

I have been battling chronic lower back pain for over 15 years now. I feel so blessed that I found Dr. Ajakwe and his wonderful staff. I felt that my prior pain management doctor was not truly a partner in this journey for me as my issue is ongoing. Also, I wanted a staff that understood my pain and worked quickly to resolve any insurance issues so I can get the treatment I need for my pain.
This is where Dr. Ajakwe and his staff impressed me. I have been seeing Dr. Ajakwe since May and when I saw him, I was in so much pain, walking was an issue. I have had 2 different treatments with Dr. Ajakwe and I my pain level has decreased. We are working together on the next steps in my pain management treatment to ensure I continue to feel better. We are even talking about platelet therapy as an option which I am thrilled about. I highly recommend Dr. Ajakwe and his staff.

I wanted to thank them for caring. Life with pain is hard and knowing you have a team to help you on this journey is very comforting.

After many years of pain and frustration I have finally found a physician who has taken the time to listen to me and show compassion. Dr. Ajakwe is top-notched in my opinion! Thank you for all of the time that you have taken to help me. I appreciate you and your staff!

This man is a magician. Past pain management doctors have told me that 3 shots may be necessary to relieve back pain from a car accident. Dr. Ajakwe did not relieve the pain in one injection, he completely got rid of it. To put this in perspective, I have seen a variety of pain doctors since my fusion at L5/S1 since 20 03. His office staff read cover to cover customer service (I do not know if such a book exists). the last visit I had I did not even know e staffed and finished, he is so gentle. And to you skeptics, no I was not put to sleep. I highly recommend Dr. Ajakwe.I drive an hour to see him.

The office was comfortable and inviting and very clean. I would totally recommend Dr. Raymond Tatevossian to anyone who suffers from any bone or joint issue or deals with a chronic pain problem. He prescribes necessary medications and offers a few aggressive forms of treatment. He works with what you want, with your goals, and to obtain the best possible results without having to undergo major surgery or pop a hundred pain pills that are potentially addictive. I am definitely going to continue my treatment with him and I am recommending him to all of my friends who suffer from chronic pain, injury related pain or bone and joint issues! I wish I could give him more than 5 stars because I had such an incredible first experience here!

I love Comprehensive Pain Physicians!! They have state of the art equipment. Dr. Tatevossian is a very thorough, patient and kind doctor. He really listens intently to everything you tell him. He never seems rushed and spends time with you. I trust Dr. Tatevossian completely!!
Thank you Daisy ,Vanessa and Michelle!!

Great , friendly staff !!! You deserve 20 stars!

Having a bad flair up basically an emergency I called and the caring, kind, staff got me in immediately oh what a relief. The staff are nice and the office is pretty and they have a t.v. that plays and discuss the procedures they preform. No longer waits and my Dr. is a good listener, patient and answers all your questions without you feeling rushed like they can’t wait to be finished with you. They refer you to any other Dr. who can also aid you in your recovery like physical therapy,medical equipment, and test for carpel tunnel syndrome. There are new and exciting treatments for pain now no drugs.

My experience with Dr Tatevossian and his staff has been a great experience. I felt right at ease from the very first phone call. I originally visited Dr. Tatevossian for a consultation. Needing a surgery that I have always been terrified of, however after seeing some of his amazing results on my friends mother, I had to give it a try.

Dr. Tatevossian took almost an hour visiting with me, completely un rushed. He patiently listened to all of my concerns and fears. It turns out that I had a pretty severe bone infallamtion that was causing my pain. His approach is different because he rebuilds and corrects that actual problem, and then addresses pain.

My main goal was to address the medical issues, thanks to Dr. Tatevossian. After surgery, I look like a new and improved version of MYSELF!

Thank you very much Dr. Tatevossian for helping my lousy body get back on its feet. I will do my best and treat my body with proper care and rest.

I have always appreciated doctors who practice because they have a gift. Dr. Tatevossian is an incredible doctor, and I will continue to seek his care for any injuries that may occur down the line.

Dr Tatevossian is amazing. I have a difficult issue of neck pain from a car accident. He is caring, available, but most of all skilled. I am a physician myself and I trust him.

I just can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Dr. Ajakwe. During my first visit, you could almost see the him thinking in his head as he analyzed all the history I’ve had. I just mentioned him on my neck problems as he worked to figure out what was at the root of my problems. He quickly formulated a hypothesis and seemed confident that he knew what the problem was and how he should handle it. Let me be the first to tell you, he was right on all counts. I am now almost a month out from my shot and am just about 100% better. Since my epidural shot I’ve been able to stop taking 6 out of 7 pain pills and muscle relaxant pills I was taking per day. I am back to functioning at full capacity without pain nor the fog of so much medication.

Dr Ajakwe has been so awesome to me this whole time. He has been compassionate, understanding and just a total sweetheart. He is managing my pain really well, he is really, really smart and not once have I felt judged or gotten that look that so many Dr’s give when they learn you are reliant on pain medication. You know that look that screams you’re a second class citizen or that you’re just looking for more medication?
Anyway, I can’t say enough good things about both Ajakwe and Tatevassian and really the whole entire staff. They’re PA is great too, I wish I could remember her name, I’ll update this when I do but she is also very compassionate, intelligent and a sweetheart as well. Every time she comes she is just so sincere about making sure Im ok. I can’t imagine anyone having an issue with either Dr, yes at times we don’t get what we want from Dr’s but having experience with both I am certain that the decisions they make, although at times not what we hope for, are indeed for the best interest of the patient. So don’t be hard on them, they have rules and laws to follow but they do care and they do want to help so please be kind to them.
I completely trust any decision either Dr makes regarding my care as they have yet to steer me wrong. I am in complete gratitude to everyone at Comprehensive Pain Management! Thank you so much!

After having a series of medical issues as a teenager, I knew how important it was to find a great doctor once I moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago. I saw two doctors within Sedar Sinai, and just wasn’t impressed. I’m not even sure they looked me in the eye. But once I saw Dr. Tatevossian I knew he was the type of Doctor I was looking for

I’ll be honest, on one hand I kind of don’t want to write this review because I want to be greedy and don’t want to share one of the best of the best. Lol. On the other hand, I kind of feel like I owe it to him and the office manager Delores.

Dr. Tatevossian and his staff, in all serious, are a miracle. I will elaborate for you. Once you enter the office, the front desk is always welcoming and nice, which is really great when you probably look and feel like crap. Now, you’re going to wait about 10 minutes for Dr. Tatevossian but it’s worth it. There is a 100% chance a nurse that comes to get you in the waiting room is gonna be nice and excited to see you. It makes me somewhat sad to see here on yelp that they are nice to everyone and not just me. They really make you feel special. LOL

Now the real deal: Dr. Tatevossian is either the most smartest doctor out there or is secretly a medical intuitive. Both of the aforementioned qualities are amazing, however I find Dr. Tatevossian compassion for his patients and passion for his practice inspiring. Dr. Tatevossian is thorough and he takes his time with you. In addition, his follow up is better than mine and yours put together.

If you have pain anywhere in your body, you must come and see Dr. Ajakwe!
He will help you cure the pain at the effective pain management.

I had serious back pain and butt pain from my herniated disk off my Lower back of level 4-5 and 5-6. I went to acupuncture and chiropractor which made it worse, finally the acupuncture guy told me to go get surgery for my pain.

I met Dr. Ajakwe after being referred to him from my primary care physician from St. Joseph, he saw my MRI photo and told me that I don’t have to do surgery and do the block shot. What?!?!? I really wanted to pain to go away so I accepted the shot since I knew that surgery would be my only cure.

He shot me partial anesthesia and then shot me at a few different points (4 times) . After that shot, immediately my pain was subsided and I can walk straight.
After two week passed I don’t have any pain back from previous pain portion and now I am next step to see physician to get the weakened muscles back to get strength.

I will definitely recommend Dr. Ajakwe for professional pain clinic doctor who can treat you right. I’d also like to add that the office is located near the hospital, pharmacy and other clinics. Makes everything convenient, especially if you have to pick up prescription medication.

Dr Tatevossian is. Byfar THE BEST physician I’ve ever met. He spent nearly a WHOLE HOUR with my wife on his first visit. But – the best part is – his office staff is well-trained, attentive, professional and very pleasant. Grace – who worked with us for two weeks to get the prior medical records – was very thorough and committed to getting the records – despite the staff at our previous doc’s office being totally incompetent and seemingly unable to send or receive a simple fax. Grace stayed on them – called us with updates and got the records before our visit. My wife has a complicated nerve issue with her neck. Dr. Tatevossian listened, explained and was truly compassionate. Five stars for this caring, brilliant physician and his topnotch staff.

Twelve years and many specialists and surgeons and barbaric procedures later, today, we finally have an answer because Dr. Tatevossian FINALLY listened – did a simple palpation of her jaw and diagnosed her with TMJ. Of course, this is not a cake-walk diagnosis – she will see an oral surgeon – be fitted for a mouth piece to help correct her jaw misalignment. But – finally…a road to relief from her head aches, neck pain, ear pain, back and knee pain – all related to this misalignment disorder. The years of pain have ALL been caused by this problem – and everyone missed the cause – except Dr. Tatevossian. A godsend!

My friends – THIS is what happens when your doctor actively involves YOU in YOUR care and listens to YOUR STORY and then applies his vast knowledge to put the puzzle pieces together. Thank you, Dr. Tatevossian! You are a very good person and an excellent physician.

Comprehensive Pain Physicians really has a smooth operation and professional doctors. My best friend had a serious hip pain and it really got in the way of her walking so I referred her to these doctors since I have known them for a while.
My friend Was so happy that she has been thanking me every day since the day the pain has significantly improved. She told me that she met all of the doctors and they were all awesome. The doctor that was assigned to her was Dr. Tatevossian. She told me that Dr. Tatevossian was not only a great doctor but also was very Professional when it came to explaining things in layman’s terms. Thank you Dr. T for taking care of my friend!

My experience with Comprehensive PP was very satisfactory. Long story short, suffered from chronic neck and shoulder blade pain ever since my posture took a dump due (10 yrs ago) to my sitting occupation. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way when it came to pain pills, THEY ARE NOT LONG TERM SOLUTIONS! In my case, addiction is almost followed after prolonged use! This is where Dr. Tadevossian came in. I have to say that I was referred by my sister in-law Rachel, who was a past patient from Saint Joseph hospital. What a relief compared to other doctors that would pull the rug from beneath my feet OR choose the easy way out by prescribing me another 3 month supply of pain pills. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Tadevossian. The clinic has a very accommodating atmosphere, unlike other Dr. clinics where you can’t distinguish the difference between the ER room or the Dr’s office.

The staff is extremely friendly, especially Vanessa. She rescheduled my appointment twice to work around my pain and schedule. With the right exercise and pain management techniques. I take only 1 or maybe 2 pain pills (if needed), daily, compared to my minimum of 7-8 pills I took daily just 3 months ago. Eventually I will be completely off. It feels so good to have my life back on track, not having to be a pill slave or a zombified life. I feel alive and it’s all thanks to Dr. Tadevossian. I wish I only knew of this clinic earlier. Thank you for giving my life back.

They really know what they are doing here!

Doctor Ajakwe is amazing! He is helping me get out of chronic pain and its working! Everyone that works there is helpful and kind.

Overall it was just a great experience and Im so excited to see what the future holds for me now that I have this incredible feeling of hope. Hope! And for me that in itself is huge!

Dr. Ajakwe, and his team, care. Simply stated, they do what ever they must do to ensure their patients receive the best care. From the moment you walk in and deal with their administration, and through all the stages of the healing process, they take the time to understand how to best resolve your personal issues, then facilitate a program custom suited to your specific needs. I’ve been extremely impressed with their “care and service” and would highly recommend their organization. If you need pain management, this is the place to go.

Dr. Tatevossian saved my life. I went to 3 different pain specialists about my neck injury and none of them knew how to relieve my pain like he did. I am now pain free and able to do my daily tasks without taking any medication. His staff and office are just wonderful. They make you life easy and always try to accommodate my schedule.

Verified Healthgrades Patient

Dr. Tatevossian and the staff are simply amazing! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a pain management specialist!


Dr. Tatevossian was able to diagnose my symptom and make recommendations that involved a light-weight physical therapy followed by instructed stretching routine. I’ve been pain free for one year. Thank you.


DR. AJAKWE IS THE BEST PHYSICIAN TO WALK THE PLANET. He has been my dr. For several yrs. He found out I have spinal stenosis by looking at MRI. I was misdiagnosed. I had suffered excruciating pain for yrs & other doctors couldn’t find out what the problem WAS DR.AJAKWE took the time to try treatments to resolve my pain. He recommended SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR in OCT 2015 it works fine. He spent endless hours helping me to get the best care possible. He will go out of his busy schedule to make sure your needs are met. He is KIND,COURTEOUS EXTREMELY HELPFUL BEST BED SIDE MANNER ETC. His office has the friendliness ladies working for him to reassure you have the BEST CARE possible. They remember your name too! I LOVE MY DR. & HIS OFFICE TOO! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!

Roxanne C.

Dr Tatevossian is one of the best doctors i have seen period. He is interested in my overall health and has worked with me to get off months of needing pain medications the two epidurals i have had have been nearly painless and his overall demeanor is wonderful I half hope i need him for a while just to have such a great doctor. He calls you back to check on you personally as does the friendly friendly staff If i could give them 10 stars i would in a second.

Michelle G.

I came to Comprehensive Pain Physicians after my cervical pain (due to psoriatic arthritis) became unbearable. Prior to this, my Rheumatologist was trying to help me manage my pain, but his specialty is in arthritis and autoimmune disease and treatment. I realized that while my Rheumatologist was an expert going after the disease, he was limited in what he could do for the pain.

Dr. Ajakwe took time to listen and assess my situation, answered questions, explained his plan of care and very quickly took approaches outside of narcotics to get my pain under control. My first procedure was done right there in their office with a team that made me feel comfortable, explained along the way what they were doing at each point and worked efficiently to get me out in unbelievable time. I was amazed by how successful my injection was and how I had suffered so long in pain when I didn’t have to.

As my disease is progressive, I have returned and will continue to return as he follows and troubleshoots each challenge I bring him. Chronic disease and pain can end life as you know it and shatter hope for any future quality of life, but I am regaining hope through Dr. Ajakwe’s competent hands and heart that really cares.

Lisa C.

Dr. Ajakwe and his team of compassionate professionals are what every patient hopes for when he/she comes to a medical office in pain and in need of solutions. He and his staff took excellent care of my mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law had been in moderate to severe pain for years. It’s difficult to watch an active person, particularly someone you love, slowly withdraw from participating in activities and events that she would ordinarily race to do. Though many medications had been prescribed by other physicians, the pain persisted in her joints, back, neck and legs. Then, we found CPP in Burbank. What a difference!

The first thing we noticed was how courteous the front office is. We made an appointment and mom was seen at her appointed time. The waiting room is welcoming with comfortable seating. Also, and most importantly, CPP has state of the art equipment like recovery beds that convert to chairs and gently tilt so you can stand or transfer to a wheel chair with ease.

After just one procedure, my mother-in-law was able to walk and be active without complaint. Dr. Ajakwe helped her reclaim her life. My family and I cannot thank him enough. We’ll never go anywhere else for mom’s care again!

Shawn M.

I can’t thank dr. Tatevossian enough for helping my wife get over her back pains, we had tried for years to get rid of her pains and wish had known about CPP years ago.

Dro T.

I took my father to several pain management specialist and no one has been able to manage his back pain. After going to comprehensive physicians
In Burbank and after a couple of procedures my father is a lot more comfortable and has completely stopped taking pain medications, which was a concern since he is also on other medication and I was worried about interactions.

A T.

I am back to running daily and playing tennis, with no discomfort. I love my Dr’s and the staff at St. Joe’s, and I kind of miss seeing everyone, even though that is a good thing. Thank you for being so kind and efficient.

C. F.

I have no pain whatsoever….I feel like I was reborn.


I am able to walk again without pain.


I appreciate all you do for me Dr. Tatevossian.


Feeling great! Pain mostly gone after injection.


Entire process went wonderfully. Impressed with everything.


Feels great after injection. 99% improvement.


Neck pain completely gone, (after 1st inj). My doctor is wonderful.


Felt so much better after injection, went camping with family.


I am so happy with the results.


Thank you for getting rid of my pain, when no one else could help me.


You are caring and compassionate, a rare quality these days in the medical field. You are the epitome of what every medical professional should strive for.

C. K.

*Results May Vary from Patient to Patient